Montag, 12. März 2012

Oven mitts

Our old oven mitts have become so greasy over the years that even the washing machine cannot deal with them any more. So I have decided we need new ones. Although the store-bought ones are quite functional with their heat-reflective silver fabric, they can only be washed at 30°C which is not enough to get the grease out.

I have used some old canvas scraps, a cotton lining and an old cotton towel as the insulating layer in-between. I have admittedly not done a scientific comparison with the store-bought version, but I have used my mitts a few times now and never burned my fingers.

Tomato hot house

It is time to grow some tomato plants for the summer. The last few years I bought store grown tomato plants, which I put directly into the garden, but this year I wanted the kids to experience growing something from seeds.

As always, I have tried not to buy anything for this project, but only use recycled objects. I decided on cardboard egg cartons and on plastic fruit boxes from the supermarket. I cut the egg carton to size to fit into the plastic box. Then I covered most of the ventilation holes in the box with selo-tape. The inside of the egg-box I filled with soil and seeds.

It surely isn't pretty, but it is cheap and it works. After less than 7 days on my window sill the tomatoes have already sprouted.

Make do and mend 2

After a long break I finally had a weekend with lots of time on my hands, which I could use for more recycling projects.

I have built up a huge pile of things (predominantly clothes) I wanted to mend. So I picked out an old cardigan, which I bought 18 (!) years ago, when I first went to London to look for a place to stay for college. And I have worn this cardigan for all those 18 years since. No surprise the hems are a bit frayed and the fabric is worn through at the elbows. It's also a bit baggy by now, but maybe I can do something about that, too.

So, I have selected some nice fabric to patch up the elbows and the hems. Instead of going for the usual leather patches, I have chosen a flowery print. I was hoping that this would turn the slightly baggy shape into a nice feminine "flowing" look. To fit the look I have also covered some buttons in the same fabric and replaced the old buttons.

I am quite happy with the end result. I will probably not wear this cardigan to any business meetings, but at home or the weekend it looks great and is very comfortable.